Asset Allocation

An integrated cross-asset allocation and monitoring platform helps our clients preserve and grow their wealth over the long run.

Our services range from top-down research, asset allocation/portfolio construction advice, due diligence, reporting and risk monitoring.

Rather than following a traditional mean/variance optimisation approach across pre-defined asset classes, we believe in the medium-term tactical allocation of capital across themes, markets, currencies and geographies, based on fundamental, value-orientated, long term opinions.

Our philosophy is first and foremost to protect downside risk, which we define as “permanent destruction of capital” rather than “mark to market” volatility. For us, risk can originate from poor understanding of return drivers, excessive leverage, low quality counterparties or lack of patience.

In order to aggregate risk across our clients’ broad portfolios, we assess each investment’s liquidity profile and correlation to a number of market factors such as equity beta, interest rate sensitivity, or inflation. This provides a holistic view of the risks associated with very different types of investments, which today range from real assets to emerging market funds.